Sunday School

In 2014, The Salvation Army in the United States began evaluating our current approach to Sunday School. Countless hours were spent researching, visiting, and communicating with a wide range of organizations in search of a new partner for The Salvation Army’s Christian Education strategy through our Sunday School ministries. In this process, we searched for an organization that would:

  • Understand the uniqueness of our organization and our Corps.
  • Provide curriculum and resources to meet our current needs.
  • Help us discover new ways to move forward, to innovate, and to better impact the people and families we influence.

After a year-long evaluation process and many interactions with a variety of potential partners, The Salvation Army is excited to announce a new nationwide partnership with Orange beginning summer 2017. Orange is a nonprofit organization based in Atlanta who have been publishing Sunday school material for over 20 years and who partners with over 10,000 churches around the world.